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Learn More About Securacell Cord Blood and Tissue Banking

Securacell has had the privilege of assisting families in banking their baby’s cord blood for over a decade. As a privately held company, Securacell is owned and operated by medical professionals with extensive experience in the process and procedures involved in obstetrics. Securacell’s lab staff has years of cryogenic and biotechnology experience.

We Make Cord Blood & Tissue Banking Easy

At Securacell, we take pride in providing accurate information and personalized services to families interested in banking their baby’s cord blood and cord tissue.

Using the latest scientific cord blood processing and storing technology available, we provide our families with the potential opportunity to use cord blood and cord tissue as a medical option in the future for the child and possible other family members as well.

From the time of your first contact with Securacell, through enrollment, the coordination of your baby’s cord blood pick up for delivery to our lab, and follow up, you will be in the hands of our professional care team.

After your baby is born and in the years to come, you will always have a direct line contact with your care team professional.

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