Life Presents Some Decisions Only Once… Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood Is One Such Decision

Benefits of cord blood bankingYour baby’s cord blood provides several benefits. Umbilical cord blood contains many stem cells that can develop into blood and immune system cells, as well as many other cells. These stem cells can differentiate into many different forms. This makes them a remarkable source of value to specialists in the field of regenerative medicine, cancer treatment, and other blood disorders.

There are currently over 80 diseases treated with cord blood stem cells, including leukemia’s, anemias, and immune system disorders.

Potential Benefits – Stem Cell Treatments

Currently researchers are developing new therapies in regenerative medicine, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cerebral palsy, and make progress daily in advanced therapies using umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells. Researchers are even starting to see how stem cells can be used to treat conditions such as stroke or blindness.

By collecting your baby’s cord blood stem cells at birth, you will always have an exact match to that child’s cell. In addition, these cells may provide a match for other family members as well – another future benefit.

Best of all, this process is totally safe and does not harm you or your baby.

Regenerative Medicine

Since 1988, there have been more than 35,000 cord blood transplants worldwide.

In the future of regenerative medicine there is great hope and promise in treating things like autism, diabetes, hearing loss, stroke, brain injury and more.

(Source: Save the Cord Foundation)

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